The Girded Mind


The Fulness of the Holy Spirit

God's Design in Evangelism

Listening But Not Hearing

A Place of God's Rest

The High Priest in the Midst

Having Begun in the Spirit

My Witnesses

Growing in Grace

Mans Fallen Condition

Getting Right With God

Losing the Cutting Edge

The Gospel With the Fine Print

The Age of the Church

Televangelicalism (Introduction)

Televangelicalism (Chapter 1)

Televangelicalism (Chapter 2)

Televangelicalism (Chapter 3)

Televangelicalism (Chapter 4)

Televangelicalism (Chapter 5)

Televangelicalism (Chapter 6)

Televangelicalism (Chapter 7)

Televangelicalism (Chapter 8)

Televangelicalism (Chapter 9)

Televangelicalism (Chapter 10)

The Fruit of the Spirit

Honoring the Holy Spirit

Honor Your Father and Mother

Preparing for Heaven

Crucified With Christ

When He is Come

God Striving With Man

The Advent of Jesus Christ

The Giving of the Law

Abraham: Man of Faith

Baptism in the Bible

Crossing the Jordan

Baptism: The Story of Naaman

Listening but Not Hearing

Baptized Unto Moses

Preparation for Priesthood

When God Refused to Leave

Wrestling With the Enemy

Sacred Songs

A Robe a Ring and a Room

The Only Thing That Makes Sense

The Manufactured Presence of God

Instilling a Phobia of Sinning

Whose God is Their Money

Where God's Presence Resides

When Talking is Not Working

No Conscious Sin

The Necessity of Church Discipline

Healed of Backsliding

Perfunctory Preparation

Remission Revoked

Turn and Be Healed

When God Changes the Heart

A New Heart For the New Man

7 Great Questions (Introduction)

What Is a Christian?

What Is Conversion?

What Is Consecration?

What Is Conviction of Sin?

What Is a Church?

What Is Culture?

What is Compromise?

The Place Where God Dwells

Bringing Forth Fruit Unto God

Growing in Grace

  Robert Wurtz II is originally from Kansas City, Missouri, and has served as a pastoral Bible teacher for more than 20 years. He is the author of three books and numerous online and magazine articles. Robert and his wife, Anna, live in Independence, Missouri, where he leads the Delaware Christian Fellowship, a house church.

A Tale of Two Angry Men

Understanding the New Covenant

Being a Christian in an Evil World

Justified By Faith